International friendship, on the high seas.

The Next Generation Global Leaders Program “The Ship for World Youth Leaders” serves as a unique cross-cultural exchange program that aims to provide participating youth with the opportunity to enhance their leadership and management skills necessary to excel in an increasingly globalized world. By engaging in a series of expert-led seminars, and participant-led workshops and cultural activities, participants are challenged to deepen their mutual understanding, broaden global perspectives, and strengthen their spirit of international cooperation. Overall, the Ship for World Youth Leaders program aims to harness future leaders capable of contributing to society by exercising their leadership skills in various fields in global society while establishing a strong human network beyond borders.

Ship for World Youth Canadian Alumni Association (SWYCAA)

The SWYCAA is formed by Canadian past-participants of the Ship for World Youth program. The SWYCAA aims to enhance the SWY values and foster local and international activities that strengthen ties with alumni associations around the world.

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Canadian Delegation for the Ship for World Youth Leaders: Call for Applicants

12 Canadian youth (11 participants and one National Leader) have been selected to participate in this ‘once in a lifetime experience’ with 200+ young leaders from 11 countries on board a Japanese cruise ship, the Nippon Maru.


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