Ship for World Youth Canadian Alumni Association (SWYCAA)

The SWYCAA is formed by Canadian past-participants of the Ship for World Youth program. The SWYCAA aims to enhance the SWY values and foster local and international activities that strengthen ties with alumni associations around the world. Specifically the goals of SWYCAA are to:


  • Promote communication and co-operation between Canadian past participants and other SWY Alumni Associations;
  • Facilitate communications between Canadian past participants from various batches;
  • Represent Canadian past participants at events and conferences hosted by the IYEO and the Management and Co-ordination Agency of the Japanese Government;
  • Promote the Ship for World Youth program to Canadian Youth;
  • Work in co-operation with the Japanese Government and the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs to recruit and select future participants in the Ship for World Youth program;
  • Further the goals and objectives of Ship for World Youth Program such as the promotion of international co-operation and friendship
  • Make every effort to overcome the vast geography of our country and allow every member of the Alumni Association to fully participate in its activities regardless of where they live in Canada.
  • Provide a means for other OPYs (overseas participating youth) residing in Canada to stay involved and connected to the SWY program


Your SWYAA Canada Executive Committee - Elected February 2024

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Mike Lafleur (NL SWY 21, Advisor SWY 23)


Kevin Kobayashi (ANL SWY 29)

Batch Liaison

Alyssa Craik (PY, SWY 34)


Parker Mah (PY, SWY 24)


Manon Prevost-Mullane (PY SWY 7, NL SWY 9)

Communications Director

To be filled

Batch Representative

To be filled