SWYAA Winter Clothing Donation Campaign

In many countries around the world, too many people often lack basic clothing. This challenge is amplified particularly during the winter months.

We hope to engage as many of the SWY Alumni and Associations as possible to take part in the Winter Clothing Campaign.

Our main objective is to gather and donate winter clothing items to a worthy organization of your choice that is responsible for spreading them through to
[1] the most needly regions of the city; and
[2] homeless people in highly urbanized areas.

The type of clothing gathered and donated will depend on the local needs of the engaging SWYAA: winter clothes for the countries where winters are present, and regular clothes for those where they are not.

Building on SWYAA Brazil’s project this past June, we are aiming to collect clothing items over the holidays in December and formally making the donation on January 18th – SWY International Day.


How it works:

1) Join the Facebook event called “SWYAA Winter Clothing Donation Campaign” and connect with your SWYAA.
2) Gather as many (winter) clothes as you can within the schedule, paying attention to your hemisphere’s dates. Call family and friends to help you with this project! 🙂
3) Focus on donating to a worthy organization of your choice.
4) On International SWY Day post a picture to social media with hashtags: #SWYAAWCDC#SWYAA+engaging country, #SWY+edition of engaging members
5) Enjoy the connection with other Ex-PYs, work as a team and make a difference in your country.

Examples of organizations you can donate to in Montreal:

CAPSS – Comité d’Action des Personnes Sans Statut

Jeunesse au Soleil / Sun Youth 

This project emerged from the joint action of SWYAA Brazil and SWYAA Canada. However, the spirit of this project is to be extended to all SWYAA around the globe.
Facebook event cover by Gabriela Rau (https://www.behance.net/gabirau) and Ítalo Silva

11th Global Assembly to take place in UAE

The Global Assembly aims to foster cultural understanding, enhance communication skills among diverse cultures and create an international platform for youth to promote cross-cultural cooperation and understanding allowing those youth to develop common perspectives about many of the pressing issues that require innovative solutions, in addition to highlighting the UAE government’s role in supporting and empowering youth. The Global Assembly participants are ex-participants of Ship for World Youth Programme.

The 12th Global Assembly will take place in Tonga.


Source: http://wam.ae/en/details/1395302643936


BLOOM – Be A Leader and Open Other’s Minds

Guest post by Kevin Kobayashi

On January 24, 2017 Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo Abe compared SWY PY’s to buds of the sakura tree.  As one develops and flourishes into blossoming leaders, their true beauty inside and out is revealed to the world. In the past 5 months since SWY 29, the world has been my hanami. Every post-SWY visit has been humbling and inspiring, which has widened the horizons of my points of view, like the endless Pacific sunset. Here are a few of my adventures:

Anastasiia Stasiuk (SWY 29 Ukraine), Yaroslav Kucher (SWY 29 Ukraine), Anya Bobino (SWY 29 Ukraine), Mykhailo Zhernakov (SWY 29 Ukraine), Pavlo Kotenko (SWY 29 Ukraine), Alisa Berezutska (SWY 29 Ukraine), Kevin Kobayashi (SWY 29 Canada), Andrii Dovhyi (SWY 29 Ukraine), Svitlana Yarova (SWY 29 Ukraine), Rostyslav Kubik (SWY 29 Ukraine), Lidiia Kozhevnikova (SWY 29 Ukraine).

Anastasiia Stasiuk (SWY 29 Ukraine, Kevin Kobayashi (SWY 29 Canada), Svitlana Yarova (SWY 29 Ukraine), Lidiia Kozhevnikova (SWY 29 Ukraine).


Svitlana Yarova (SWY 29 Ukraine), Kevin Kobayashi (SWY 29 Canada), Andrii Dovhyi (SWY 29 Ukraine), Anastasiia Stasiuk (SWY 29 Ukraine), Alisa Berezutska (SWY 29 Ukraine), Mykhailo Zhernakov (SWY 29 Ukraine).

Julie Sasaki (SWY 29 Japan), Kevin Kobayashi (SWY 29 Canada)

Kevin Kobayashi (SWY 29 Canada), Ievgen Kozin (SWY 29 Ukraine)

Kevin Kobayashi (SWY 29 Canada), Ievgen Kozin (SWY 29 Ukraine), Nesma Attiatalla (SWY 29 Egypt)

Kevin Kobayashi (SWY 29 Canada), Nesma Attiatalla (SWY 29 Egypt)



Ievgen Kozin (SWY 29 Ukraine), Ilshat Sultanovich (SWY 28 Russia), Kevin Kobayashi (SWY 29 Canada).

Haruka Nakamura (SWY 29 Japan), Kevin Kobayashi (SWY 29 Canada)

Kevin Kobayashi (SWY 29 Canada), David Lipton (SWY 29 Canada), Yuuta Takamiya (SWY 29 Admin)

Emily Moon (SWY 24 Canada), Fabiola Alvarado (SWY Peru 21), Mike LaFleur (SWY 18/21 Canada), Raquel Saabe (SWY 23 Mexico), Carol Lee (SWY 11 Canada), Kevin Kobayashi (SWY 29 Canada)

Julie Sasaki (SWY 29 Japan), Kevin Kobayashi (SWY 29 Canada), Andrea Rojas (SWY 29 Costa Rica), not pictured here: SWY 29 Costa Rican Delegation, Tawhana Chadwick (SWY 29 New Zealand)


Cross Cultural Understanding in a Globalized World

Kyiv, Ukraine

Cross Cultural Understanding in a Globalized World

Diversity and inclusion is a concept best learned by experience, not research. On March 20th, 2017 I was fortunate enough to deepen my understanding of cross-cultural understanding with a group of fascinating students from Kyiv, Ukraine. Coincidentally, the visit to The European Collegium was to speak about just that. The importance of meeting, interacting, and exchanging with others is more relevant than ever. National boarders should be crossed, not armed. The word foreign should be celebrated, not feared. Curiosity is a natural beauty, not sin.

Through speaking and learning from a class of teenagers from Ukraine, I realized that cross-cultural is not a two way street, but an open sea. We do not travel down a road with a single intention in sight ahead. Our bearings lead us in many directions and learning is a constant process along the way. The Ship for World Youth Program fosters this international journey for all participants, and expands its reach to friends and family all over the world.

A very special SWY alumnus once said that life on board is just an appetizer. The real feast begins when we disembark the ship and join the global family for dinner. I didn’t know what they meant at the time, but I do now. This experience was enriching beyond anything imaginable while sailing the South Pacific on Nippon Maru. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to educate the leaders of tomorrow about a fantastic program called SWY.

Thank you to SWYAA Ukraine for their generous hospitality. To the greater SWYAA family, I cannot wait to meet you all in the future. After all, it’s all aboat the journey.

Kevin Kobayashi

SWY29 Canada

Official SWY 29 Canadian Delegation Announced!

Special thanks to all Canadians from coast to coast to coast who took the time to share their stories and apply for the Canadian delegation for the Ship for World Youth. Over the course of the summer, we received nearly 200 applications. The talent, passion, and commitment across the country was immeasurable and highly inspiring. Behind the scenes, SWY alumni from across the country reviewed applications and rigorously debated their qualities throughout the selection process. In the end, the final selection was made to encompass a highly diverse team representative of different geographical and cultural backgrounds and personal experiences from all walks of life….no easy task to say the least.

The candidates who were selected have been notified and their bios have been posted on the site here. Again, we thank everyone for their time, effort, and patience throughout the selection process. If you have questions about the selection process, kindly email us info@swycanada.org.