SWYAA Winter Clothing Donation Campaign

In many countries around the world, too many people often lack basic clothing. This challenge is amplified particularly during the winter months.

We hope to engage as many of the SWY Alumni and Associations as possible to take part in the Winter Clothing Campaign.

Our main objective is to gather and donate winter clothing items to a worthy organization of your choice that is responsible for spreading them through to
[1] the most needly regions of the city; and
[2] homeless people in highly urbanized areas.

The type of clothing gathered and donated will depend on the local needs of the engaging SWYAA: winter clothes for the countries where winters are present, and regular clothes for those where they are not.

Building on SWYAA Brazil’s project this past June, we are aiming to collect clothing items over the holidays in December and formally making the donation on January 18th – SWY International Day.


How it works:

1) Join the Facebook event called “SWYAA Winter Clothing Donation Campaign” and connect with your SWYAA.
2) Gather as many (winter) clothes as you can within the schedule, paying attention to your hemisphere’s dates. Call family and friends to help you with this project! 🙂
3) Focus on donating to a worthy organization of your choice.
4) On International SWY Day post a picture to social media with hashtags: #SWYAAWCDC#SWYAA+engaging country, #SWY+edition of engaging members
5) Enjoy the connection with other Ex-PYs, work as a team and make a difference in your country.

Examples of organizations you can donate to in Montreal:

CAPSS – Comité d’Action des Personnes Sans Statut

Jeunesse au Soleil / Sun Youth 

This project emerged from the joint action of SWYAA Brazil and SWYAA Canada. However, the spirit of this project is to be extended to all SWYAA around the globe.
Facebook event cover by Gabriela Rau (https://www.behance.net/gabirau) and Ítalo Silva

Humans of SWY

Follow Humans of SWY son Instagram – an initiative of SWY 29 Ex-JPY Yuki Yamamoto.



Here’s a taste:

“I’ve spent my whole life sort of in this limbo where on the one hand I really resented being indigenous because my mother’s Inuk but my father’s not; he’s white. As a kid, a lot of Inuit would bully me and say you’re not allowed to speak Inuktitut, that’s our language it’s not yours. Now I look back and I think wow that’s stupid but it really affected me as a kid and it’s one of the reasons that I did lose a lot of my Inuktitut. I grew to be afraid to speak it because I knew if I spoke it these kids would beat me up. And even in my house it was really hard for me to communicate because I felt like I was never Inuk enough for my family. They always saw me more as white than anything else. That really made it hard for me to form relationships with my family. But then I guess around 15 I was sort of like “that’s really stupid” because I have this amazing culture and these people, my people, have been so oppressed for so long, why would I push that on us even more? My mother’s always been very proud and very active in the Inuit community and I remember spending months on the land camping and learning how to hunt and fish and all these really traditional things that a lot of people are losing now. When my parents separated I didn’t go out on the land as much to practice these traditions and that’s when I realized just how much it had shaped me and how important it is to allow this culture to grow and continue shaping everyone else.”

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11th Global Assembly to take place in UAE

The Global Assembly aims to foster cultural understanding, enhance communication skills among diverse cultures and create an international platform for youth to promote cross-cultural cooperation and understanding allowing those youth to develop common perspectives about many of the pressing issues that require innovative solutions, in addition to highlighting the UAE government’s role in supporting and empowering youth. The Global Assembly participants are ex-participants of Ship for World Youth Programme.

The 12th Global Assembly will take place in Tonga.


Source: http://wam.ae/en/details/1395302643936


SWY29 Testimonial – Henry Tsang

If world peace existed, what would it look like? I’ve seen it with my own eyes: Buyo dancers, Bollywood dancers, Lakalaka dancers and Hip-Hop dancers dance to each other’s rhythms. Sumo wrestlers, capoeira fighters and ninjas practice each other’s art. Maori, Inuit and Ryukyuan sing each other’s folk songs. Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists revere each other’s values. Canadians, Ukrainians, Costa Ricans, Indians, Fijians, New Zealanders, Egyptians, Kenyans, Brazilians, Tongans and Japanese speak each other’s languages. We were 11 countries, 240 young world leaders on a voyage to 4 countries for 45 days, with one mission, to better the world. A brief glimpse of the perfect world, where no walls divide us, but one ship unite us: this was my SWY experience.

By Henry Tsang

Happy Pride Month Saskatoon! 

Thank you OUTSaskatoon and the USSU Pride Centre for supporting a Pride Space during SWY 29. Young global leaders from 11 countries came together to share experiences and learn tools to create safe spaces in their own communities. Building a more loving and accepting world, one step at a time.

Happy Pride Month Saskatoon!
Stephanie Shyluk

Participating countries for SWY 30 (2018) announced

The participating countries for the 30th edition of the SWY program, which will happen in 2018 between January 17th and March 4, have been announced! They are:

Australia, India, Mexico, Mozambique, Oman, Peru, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka and of course Japan!

SWY 29 Delegation Media Coverage

The all-star Canadian delegation for the Ship for World Youth Global Leaders Program (SWY 29) are getting some good buzz in both online and print media.

Here’s a list of the ones we’ve tracked so far!

1. The Guardian – Jennifer Whitaker gets a feature article – P.E.I. resident ready to learn on the high seas (PDF)
2. McGill University – Twitter

9. Fiji Times –  The SWY 29 delegation onshore activities – Ship youths visit institutions – Fiji Times (PDF)
10. Homme Magazine – Entrevue en français avec Henry Tsang & Parker Mah – hommemagazine.ca – Le bateau des jeunes leaders du monde (PDF)

Official SWY 29 Canadian Delegation Announced!

Special thanks to all Canadians from coast to coast to coast who took the time to share their stories and apply for the Canadian delegation for the Ship for World Youth. Over the course of the summer, we received nearly 200 applications. The talent, passion, and commitment across the country was immeasurable and highly inspiring. Behind the scenes, SWY alumni from across the country reviewed applications and rigorously debated their qualities throughout the selection process. In the end, the final selection was made to encompass a highly diverse team representative of different geographical and cultural backgrounds and personal experiences from all walks of life….no easy task to say the least.

The candidates who were selected have been notified and their bios have been posted on the site here. Again, we thank everyone for their time, effort, and patience throughout the selection process. If you have questions about the selection process, kindly email us info@swycanada.org.

Press release: Recruitment campaign for the next GLP launched!


Urgent – 12 young people wanted to represent Canada on the Next Generation Global Leaders Program “The Ship for World Youth Leaders” – Press Release

Experience Japan, Fiji and New Zealand on a 6-week life-changing program on a ship with 242 youth leaders from around the world!

 Montreal, 18 July 2016 – One of the most extraordinary youth programs in the world will embark on another fantastic journey with 242 youth leaders from around the globe. Through the generosity of the Government of Japan, 12 Canadian youth (11 participants and one National Leader) will be selected to participate in the 2017 sailing of the Japanese ship, the Fuji Maru, for the once-in-a-lifetime experience known as The Next Generation Global Leaders Program “The Ship for World Youth Leaders” (previously known as The Ship for World Youth).

The Next Generation Global Leaders Program “The Ship for World Youth Leaders” serves as a unique cross-cultural exchange program that aims to provide participating youth with the opportunity to enhance the leadership and management skills necessary to excel in an increasingly globalized world. Onboard, delegates will be engaging in a series of expert-led seminars, participant-led workshops and cultural activities.  

This unique cross-cultural program will travel by cruise ship from Japan to Fiji and New Zealand, and takes place from January to March, 2017. 

The Canadian Ship for World Youth Alumni Association is organizing the recruitment. Please note that English is the working language of the program. Applicants must be between the ages of:

  • 18 and 30 for Participating youth (as of April 1st, 2016) (Deadline 1 September, 2016)
  • 30 and 39* for National Leader (Deadline 15 August, 2016)

Application forms, deadlines, Info Sessions and other pertinent information are available by visiting:

For interviews with past participants of SWY or further information, please contact:

Sarah Pinchevsky – SWYAA Canada President
Email: info@swycanada.org
Tel.: +1-5145022355