What are the itinerary and dates for the 2023 program?

Please check the tentative itinerary here.

Preparatory Training Sessions for JPYs

Sept. 16 (Fri.) to Sept. 20 (Tue.), 2022

Online exchange (Western side region)


(Eastern side region)

3 Saturdays; Nov. 26, Dec. 3 and Dec. 10

(JST 17:00-20:00

3 Sundays; Nov. 27, Dec. 4 and Dec. 11

(JST 8:00-11:00)

Exchange in a virtual space

(both Western and Eastern side regions)

Nov. 19 (Sat.) to Dec. 18 (Sun.)

(Open for all PYs / Youths-led plan and operation)

OPYs arrive in Japan

Feb. 7 (Tue.)

Readiness program for face-to-face exchange (Online)

Feb. 8 (Wed.) to Feb. 10 (Fri.)

Face-to-face exchange program

Feb. 11 (Sat.) to Feb. 20 (Mon.)

*Including 4-day local program

OPYs return home

Feb. 21 (Tue.)

Post-program Training Sessions for JPYs

Feb. 21 (Tue.) to 22 (Wed.)

What are the age restrictions?

To be a participating youth, you must be 18-32 years of age (as of April 1, 2022); to be National Leader, there are no age restrictions per se, but preferably in your thirties.

How often does the Program run?

The program is run each year by the Cabinet Office in Japan. The Government of Japan delegates the planning of the program to the International Youth Exchange Organization.

Which countries get invited?

Each year the Japanese Government invites the governments of 11 - 15 countries to participate and those invited changed from year to year.

How much does it cost?

As a participant there is little cost involved. The Government of Japan very generously covers most expenses including:
· Return airfare from the nearest International airport
· Entrance fees and transportation for all scheduled activities.
· Accommodation (Hotel, youth hostel and home stay in Japan)
· Cost of PCR and antigen tests

Participant shall bear the costs below:
· Expense for preparing the equipment required for online exchange (computers, internet, etc.)
· Activities during free time
· Transportation fee from home to the international airport in the PY’s own country
· Fees for issuing passports
· Excess baggage fee for fights coming to and leaving from Japan
· Personal expenses

Participants are required to purchase travel insurance and usually take some spending money for souvenirs while overseas.

When will Canada be invited next?

The Canadian alumni association and IYEO are proud to announce that Canada has been invited to participate in the 2023 program!

How can I participate in the next Program?

Head on over to our Apply page and read all about it!  The application fee is 25$ CDN.

Can I apply to be both a Participating Youth and a National Leader?

Yes, but you must fill out 2 separate application forms and pay 2 separate application fees.

What countries have participated in the Program?

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
The Netherlands
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Western Samoa
Solomon Islands
South Africa
Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States of America

What should I take?

A good sense of humour, and flexibility to live comfortably with others in close quarters. Each participant faces their own challenges in the program but learn more about themselves as a result. Other than your personal belongings needed, delegates should bring information you can take to share about your country. You will be continually called upon to share in presentations and workshops about issues facing your country and how they are dealt with.

What will I get from the program?

Are the problems of the world going to be solved on this two-month program? Possibly, but probably not. What the program does do however is encourage participants to challenge the filters through which they view the world and illustrate that people from different nations can live together peacefully, learn from each other and work together to overcome differences and misunderstandings. Not to mention an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience as you learn about yourself and those around you.

I am a Permanent Resident, can I apply?

No.  The Japanese Government has specified all delegates must be Canadian citizens.

I forgot to include part of my application, what can I do?

The selection process is run by volunteers and we do not have the resources to be adding in extra material.  Please ensure that the application is complete before sending it in.

My application may arrive late.  Will it still be considered?

No.  The selection committee starts reviewing the applications immediately after the deadline.

Can I receive feedback on my application?

No, we have a limited number of volunteers to review and select the delegation and we are unable to give feedback on individual applications.

I am currently out of the country, can I still apply?

Any Canadian citizen can apply even if they are overseas during the selection process but we still need a phone number to interview the candidate during the specified time.  Please note that all delegates must be living in Canada from October 2022 until departure (February 2023).

What vaccines are considered valid for entry into Japan?

At the current time, Japan still requires travellers to conform to their entry conditions on COVID-19 vaccination, and this extends to participants of the program. For a list of accepted vaccines, visit this link.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the National Leader?

  • To disseminate information between IYEO / Administration and the Canadian Delegation

  • Represent Canada in the daily National Leaders meetings. NL's are responsible for assisting the administration in running the program and ensuring delegates follow proper protocol

  • Act as a Group Leader, with each group consisting of a mix of delegates from all the participating countries

  • Organize and/or delegate responsibilities within their Group along with Assistant Group Leaders.

  • Represent Canada at official ceremonies and presentations with heads of state / local dignitaries.

  • Oversee the delegations responsibilities as they prepare sponsorship, National Presentation, Canadian-led activities, etc.