SWYAA Canada members put into practice the Homestay + 1 project where it is advisable for ex-pys when visiting a country to take part in local events and/to contribute to society.

The overarching purpose of the Homestay plu s One Project is to continue the spirit of international friendship and collaboration through social contribution. Internationally, several thousands of people have participated on Ship for World Youth program throughout the last two decades. The aim of this Project is to accommodate ex-PYs who wish to perform social contribution activities in other SWY countries they travel to.


  • To get involved in events and/to contribute to local society (i.e. visiting a school, volunteer in a local NGO, etc.) while visiting a country;
  • To promote interactive learning for both the hosts and the visitors;
  • To encourage new ideas and foster cooperation;
  • To share experiences;
  • To use the freedom to experiment with new approaches and new behaviours and to acquire skills and knowledge.

Take part in the Homestay + 1 project

  • Contact the SWYAA Canada Executive Team at our contact page
  • Tell us your traveling dates and the cities you’ll be visiting
  • Advise us on your interests and skills
  • Based on our availabilities, SWYAA Canada will follow up and see who is best suited to assist you in finding a local activity to be involved with.

Once arrived in Canada, bring all your energy, have fun, and post online using #SWYCanada and #SWYTravels!

We are looking forward hosting you and being part of your journey to Canada! Because this is the SWY Spirit, a contribution to a better world.