Official SWY 29 Canadian Delegation Announced!

Special thanks to all Canadians from coast to coast to coast who took the time to share their stories and apply for the Canadian delegation for the Ship for World Youth. Over the course of the summer, we received nearly 200 applications. The talent, passion, and commitment across the country was immeasurable and highly inspiring. Behind the scenes, SWY alumni from across the country reviewed applications and rigorously debated their qualities throughout the selection process. In the end, the final selection was made to encompass a highly diverse team representative of different geographical and cultural backgrounds and personal experiences from all walks of life….no easy task to say the least.

The candidates who were selected have been notified and their bios have been posted on the site here. Again, we thank everyone for their time, effort, and patience throughout the selection process. If you have questions about the selection process, kindly email us

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