Amanda Boadi

SWY 34

Amanda is a health scientist with a passion for building, shaping and mobilizing communities. Her interests in education, community development, and youth empowerment have led her to explore a career in the charitable sector, where she enjoys planning programs, facilitating engagement opportunities, and working collaboratively within communities to break down their barriers to success.

Outside of her work as an impact and sustainability advisor, Amanda works and volunteers at the local YMCA and spends her spare time baking, cooking, and planning special events and games with friends. After living in Alberta for over 20 years, Amanda recently started exploring more national and international travel, and is eager to visit Japan, a top country on her travel list. She is most excited to have a firsthand experience of Japanese pop culture, technology, and food, and learn more about Japanese history, food systems, and traditions.

Amanda is excited to share her knowledge in community engagement, lived experience as a Ghanaian-Canadian, and random hobbies and talents within SWY. Valuing the power of perspective, she is also looking forward to meeting, learning from, and exchanging stories with the diverse participants of the SWY34 cohort. 

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