Estefania Borja

SWY 29

Estefania was born and raced in Quito, Ecuador. She moved to Canada 7 years ago and she has been a proud Canadian citizen for the last two years. Estefania, or as her friends know her, Tefa, is the second of five children and she jumps out of bed with a big smile on her face each morning because of the amazing family she has. Because of their love and support, she has been able to follow her dream, which is to connect with people and work with them first hand. Her desire to work with communities allowed her to be part of the Zambia Global Leadership Program run by Douglas College. During last summer, she worked in a government clinic with the gender-based violence office and with the counseling and testing HIV clinic. This experience helped her to reaffirm her dream of working with minority groups. She is currently completing her foundations for her psych nursing degree. She also volunteers at Eagle Ridge Hospital, has a full-time job, mentors a 15 years old and, in her spare time she loves going for hikes with her dog and baking for her family and friends. Tefa is a positive person and she believes in every crazy dream that people have, she believes that the best is always yet to come and she tries changing the world little by little. She firmly believes that with the right attitude everything can be achieved. 

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