Yolanda Elias

SWY 34

Born in Guatemala, Yolanda became a Canadian citizen at the age of six and grew up in London, Ontario. Yolanda then completed her studies majoring in political science at the University of Ottawa. During this time, she worked for the Embassy of Canada to the Dominican Republic, which helped Yolanda understand the role Canada plays in international affairs. A strong proponent of youth involvement to bring about positive societal changes, Yolanda has participated in different youth initiatives such as Katimavik and Canada World Youth. Additionally, Yolanda actively participates in different community programs and truly believes in the importance of volunteering-Yolanda has notably volunteered in Guatemala, Peru, Dominican Republic, Thailand, and three Canadian provinces. She truly believes these international experiences have enriched her life. During her free time, Yolanda loves to draw, read, run, and box. She believes that to be healthy, one must be both physically and mentally healthy. Since 2015, Yolanda has lived in Montreal, Quebec and currently works in the mental health sector. Yolanda is very proud of being Canadian and of her Mayan roots. 

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