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How Young Canadians can get Involved in International Development and Diplomacy

A blog post written by Sareema Husain I was 19 when I attended Ship For World Youth (SWY for short), a unique cross-cultural exchange program that aims to provide youth with the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills in an increasingly globalized world. When I got the call from the SWY exec committee stating that […]

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SWY Camp in Sweden

Written with excerpts from SWYAA Sweden In the beginning of August, SWYers from all around the globe gathered in beautiful Stockholm where they spent a week attending Sweden’s SWY Camp. The trip entailed two days spent in Stockholm sightseeing and four days at camp Västeräng located by Sweden’s second largest lake.  Fourteen different batches from […]

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SWYing in Bahrain

SWYAA Bahrain  invited SWYers to participate in The First Global Youth Festival for SDGs 2018 in the Kingdom of Bahrain from October 20th to 26th. Sareema Husain from SWY 29’s Canadian delegation was selected alongside Matika Lauzon, and this is her account of it. If I am to speak of my first visit to the […]

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Humans of SWY

Follow Humans of SWY son Instagram – an initiative of SWY 29 Ex-JPY Yuki Yamamoto. https://www.instagram.com/humansofswy   Here’s a taste: “I’ve spent my whole life sort of in this limbo where on the one hand I really resented being indigenous because my mother’s Inuk but my father’s not; he’s white. As a kid, a lot […]

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Cross Cultural Understanding in a Globalized World

Kyiv, Ukraine   Diversity and inclusion is a concept best learned by experience, not research. On March 20th, 2017 I was fortunate enough to deepen my understanding of cross-cultural understanding with a group of fascinating students from Kyiv, Ukraine. Coincidentally, the visit to The European Collegium was to speak about just that. The importance of meeting, […]

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