SWYAA Canada to host first ever SWY Virtual Weekend, August 2020


It has been a hectic few months with COVID-19 putting a halt to many of our plans, personally and professionally. As the country slowly begins to open up again, many people have begun going back to work. However, we expect that things won’t go back to normal anytime soon.

In the light of recent events in Canada and the U.S., we are beginning to understand how “normal” did not necessarily serve everyone. Conversations about systemic racism have been sparked and many claim the pandemic has simply amplified societal issues that were already deeply engrained. We imagine some of these conversations have spilled across borders we are eager to hear from those global voices what the situation is elsewhere. SWYAA Canada wants to provide the opportunity for the SWY Network to come together virtually for a reunion weekend where we can have these types of discussions, alongside fun workshops and batch reunions.

To that end, the first ever Global SWY Virtual Weekend will be August 21-23rd, 2020 with an opening assembly on Friday.
We invite all PYs, NLs, Discussion leaders and Admin to sign-up for what we hope will be the biggest online SWY assembly ever! Once registered, Virtual Weekend participants can host workshops as well as batch reunions online during the 2-day period. Note that this event is not open to members of the general public, only former SWYers! 
SWYAA Canada will help finalize the program, help with promotion and create the Zoom meetings. We will also host some special programming ourselves!
And the best thing about it: it’s totally free, with no plane tickets to book and no social distancing restrictions to worry about! You can come and hang for one session or 24, it’s entirely up to you!

Find out more here!

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