Presented by SWYAA Canada

Hello SWYers!

Have you ever wanted to attend a SWY Global Assembly but couldn't? Are you shipsick for your batch alumni? Do you have an amazing talent / idea / skill to share but haven't found the opportunity to share it?

SWYAA Canada wants to provide the opportunity for the SWY Network to come together virtually for a Virtual Weekend where we will discuss current world issues alongside fun workshops and batch reunions. We know that many SWYAA batches have been hosting Virtual Baking sessions, coffee chats, batch reunions, quizzes, etc. This is incredibly inspiring to witness, and we want to continue the trend and keep spreading the SWY Spirit!

The Global SWY Reunion Weekend will be August 22- 23rd with an opening assembly on the Friday.
Participants can host coffee talks, talent shows, photography classes, etc. The ideas are endless. The workshops will happen continuously alongside the batch reunions so participants will have options to choose from, much like how club activities were held on the boat. SWYAA Canada will help finalize the program, help with promotions and create the Zoom meetings.

Questions? Read the FAQ or email us at

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Where is this taking place?

Online, through the Zoom platform.

Who can participate?

Any former Participant Youth (PY), National Leader (NL), Discussion group leader, Admin or IYEO staff. SWY Alumni Associations around the globe are strongly encouraged to organize and present a workshop.

When is the opening assembly?

Friday August 21st 2020. Time TBC.

How do I sign-up?

Use the sign-up form here. You will receive a confirmation email after signing up with more information.

How do I host a workshop or a batch reunion?

Just register as a participant and you will receive further instructions if you want to host a workshop or batch reunion. Note that in both cases you will need at least one collaborator (any SWY participant) to co-host the session with you.

How are timeslots distributed?

Timeslots last 50 minutes with a 10 minute break in-between. They are available on a first come, first serve basis. There are 24 timeslots on Saturday August 22 and 24 slots on Sunday August 23. Sessions will be happening around the clock to accommodate people in different time zones.

How much does it cost?

Zero, nada, nothing!

What language will the sessions be in?

The suggested language is English which is the language of the Ship for World Youth. If you would like to give a session in another language, feel free to specify that in your workshop description.

What can I do in a workshop? What activities can I propose for a reunion?

Be creative! You can host a discussion / debate, demonstrate your cooking or craft skills, perform your music or dance, organize around a world issue, socialize and much more! For reunions, you can get PYs to share their favourite moment or photo, breakout into letter groups, show a memento, talk about what happened after SWY... you get the idea!

I want to host a workshop or batch reunion but someone else already booked it. What can I do?

Let us know at - We will put you in touch with those people so you can co-organize!

I want to host a session but have zero tech skills, nor do I have a Zoom account. Can I still do it?

Yes! Just let us know you need help and we will make sure you know how to use the platform to host a session. SWYAA Canada will provide you with access to a meeting room and will share the details with you before the event.