Want to get involved with SWYAA Canada? We are recruiting for our executive!

Here at SWYAA Canada, we are getting ready for the next election. It’s time for a renewal! As you all know, the Canadian SWYAA is a central part of keeping the SWY network and spirit alive across the country, and also manages the selection process for future batches. Your help and commitment is greatly needed and appreciated 😊

Did you enjoy the Virtual Weekend we put on last year? Here’s your chance to get more involved behind the scenes.

If you are interested in applying for a position, kindly send us an email at info@swycanada.org with a short bio (200 words) and a bit about what motivates you to join the executive committee (200-400 words) by March 31, 2021. This document outlines the roles and responsibilities for each position, but know that candidates of all levels of experience and engagement will be considered. This year, the roles of President and Batch Liaison are up for grabs.

Applications will be accepted in both English and French. If you have questions about the elections or wish to know more please do not hesitate to reach out by email: info@swycanada.org 

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